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  • The Joy of Physics with the South West Institute of Physics

    We have three fascinating activities for you on our stand to enthrall and inspire you:

    The IoP Electrostatics Show is hair-raising and sparky. It's amazing what you can do with a balloon, some polystyrene and a woollen jumper! Make your hair stand on end, pull a drinks can along with a balloon and make sparks.

    The Moon from Artemis to Apollo and Back Again. Come and learn about the history, legend and science of the Moon from the early Greek god Artemis to the forthcoming Artemis moon missions via the Apollo programme of Moon landings in the last century.

    Do Try This at Home is our ever popular hands-on activity demonstrating some principles of Physics using things you have lying around the house. Come and see the diving ketchup, expanding marshmallows, gripping rice and much, much more.

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  • All ages
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