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  • What would you do if you had 500 years to live? How about 24 hours? Across the animal kingdom, life plays out in very different ways. Some animals live for centuries; others, just a few hours. And not everything ages at the same rate, either – some animals age much faster than others, and some don’t seem to age at all!

    We might think that ageing is inevitable: a slow disintegration, like a cassette tape over time. But lessons from longer-lived animals show us that this might not be the case.

    Come and sing your favourite song into our lifespan-emulator and see how the tape of your life would play out differently if you’d been born a fruit fly, or a tortoise, or even an immortal hydra! How long will it play for? How quickly will it fall to pieces? And how have some animals managed to evolve such lengthy lifespans?

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  • All ages
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