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  • It’s David vs. Goliath at this stall, as scientists from the RaNT team face-off against Cancer – a disease titan – armed only with tiny bits of gold and an invisible laser!

    Come play, and help develop new medical tech that could diagnose and treat cancer without even breaking the skin!
    YOU can help the team improve the lives of future cancer patients, right here.
    Along the way, you’ll vibe with light and the molecules of life, and go deep with rainbows. You’ll blow your head up to the size of the whole UK, and compete with friends to kill cancer with Super Soakers!

    Oh! AND you can take home some totally unique vinyl decals, just by coming to see us!
    COLLECT THEM ALL and the exclusive festival pin is yours!

    To find out more about our work visit https://rant-medicine.com

Age group
  • All ages
Event Details