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Ever wondered what it takes to be a biologist, physicist or a chemist? What kinds of jobs might you end up with with science qualifications? What kind of hobbies do scientists have? What do they have for breakfast? In this interactive session 4 of our amazing scientists take to the stage to take any and every question you can come up with and give you an insight into what scientists are really like (clue: they’re just like you and me!)
Meet the Scientists:

Jake Kleboe
I'm a PhD student in the Biophotonics and Imaging Group at the University of Southampton. I'm currently working towards a PhD in Chemistry focussed on microplastic and coral research. I also have a master's degree in physics. Over the last few years, I have been developing the ‘From Mars to Human’ outreach project alongside other Biophotonics group members. The project is an excellent example of how all sciences come together to develop new technologies. My favourite part about science is how there are constantly new things to explore, and I love seeing how my science may affect the wider world.
Stephen Montgomery
Stephen is fascinated by the way animals live their lives and the weird and wonderful ways they behave – from how insects learn to navigate home, to how primates negotiate their complicated social lives. This led him to study animal evolution, and specialise in the evolution of brains – big and small – and how variation in brain size and structure shapes behavioural diversity. He currently studies tropical butterflies with surprisingly big brains, and his research has allowed him to explore the beauty of Latin America, from the Amazon rainforest to the Andes mountains.
Sbu Mbatha
Sbu Mbatha obtained her MChem degree in Medicinal Chemistry in 2016 from the University of Leeds. She then joined the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Chemical Synthesis at the University of Bristol in 2017 where she pioneered the research and development of multiple Diels-Alderases under the supervision of Professor Chris Willis. During her time as a PhD researcher, she was an active member of Bristol ChemLabs Outreach. Under the mentorship of the late Tim Harrison, she gave talks and assisted with lecture demonstrations around the UK to inspire a new generation of Scientists. Since completing her doctoral studies in 2022, Sbu has taken on the role of Course Manager for the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Technology Enhanced Chemical Synthesis at the University of Bristol.
Andrew Hanson
Andrew Hanson MBE spent 20 years measuring light – some of it invisible like UV and IR, and some of it visible. He has built machines to measure colour and how we see it, and even a device to measure cat shininess. After that he worked as Outreach Manager at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) – a government research establishment responsible for UK measurement standards where (among many things) they build next generation atomic clocks, look after the kilogram and count electrons one by one (quite a feat as about 6 million million million of these whiz through a wire every second when you charge your mobile phone).

You could ask Andrew questions about light, colour and measurement.

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